No fees

The Only Funding Platform With Cashback Option

UK & EU - 2.7 % +20p per transaction -- which cover the card payments, no platform fees
WORLDWIDE - 4 % +20p per transaction -- which cover the card payments, no platform fees
  • No platform fees to pay
  • Promotional material 
  • Direct link of your page shareable in the most common social platform
  • Personal webpage with detailed descriptions, videos and link. (We can create it in your behalf for free if you need it )
  • Support via chat, mail and scheduled telephone calls
  • Direct cashback link
  • Indirect Cashback Revenue (a win-win proposal for both supporters and causes)
  • Cashback with just selected partners, we focus on quality, not quantity.

THE R-EVOLUTION IS HERE thanks to our free cashback system

The Funding Cashback Platform can help you to" Raise money without asking money ".

With our site you can finance your project without putting your hand in supporter's pockets:

Depending on the choice they made on your project page, you can receive: 

  1. Give all your cashback: The whole cashback of your supporter's shopping cart.

  2. Keep cashback and give a reward: A 10% reward of your supporter's cashback until your project is founded or closed. Then your organisation will receive 5% of their cashback as long as they use our cashback platform, the other 5% goes to another project in their city.

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