Free-Funding Crowdfunding does not accept projects:

  • if passing funds to you, and/or your intended use of the funds, would be illegal – including where the provision and/or use of the funds would be in breach of applicable financial or other sanctions
  • if you do not have an organisation’s consent or permission that is needed in order to effectively fulfil your project (including any relevant charitable organisation), or if you cannot otherwise fulfil your project
  • that may be deemed offensive or defamatory
  • that promote violence towards yourself or others
  • that promote hate or discrimination against individuals or groups for any reason (including, without limitation, where it is based on race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability)
  • that promote or seek to fund rebel groups, militias or gangs
  • that promote or seek to fund the purchase/use of substances prohibited in the UK (including prescription drugs without a prescription and narcotics)
  • that promote or seek to fund the purchase of adult services or products
  • that offer equity or other financial investments in return for pledges
  • that seek to fund legal fees for an individual or organisation

We do not give direct money to a personal project page, we use the supporter's money to buy or pay what the project asks, for example, a wheelchair, pay a bill, expensive cure not passed by NHS such as shockwave etc.

If you think you've spotted a Page that breaks these guidelines, please let us know. Click here to report a Page.

We have worked hard to make these guidelines as helpful as possible, but they may not cover every scenario.  Therefore, we reserve our general rights to remove or edit any content – including any Crowdfunding Page – as is described further in the “User Conduct” and “Termination” sections of our Terms of Service

Comment Policy

We want you to feel at home when you post a comment. We want everyone to feel at home posting comments on Free-funding. We don’t know what your home is like, but we know how we expect people to behave when they visit ours. That’s why we reserve the right to delete comments and ban users as needed to keep the comment threads here civil and substantive.

Our No. 1 house rule is simple: Don’t be a jerk.

Want to be the kind of commenter we’d love to bring home to Thanksgiving dinner? Here’s what we like to see in comments:

  • Weigh in with smart, informed ideas that contribute further to the story.

  • Give us useful, constructive criticism.

  • Demonstrate and share the intelligence, wisdom, and humour we know you possess.

  • Don’t feed the trolls. You wouldn’t dive into a debate with our ill-informed, weird uncle Gary just for the heck of it. And you definitely wouldn’t feed him. (We told you he was weird.) Downvote and flag comment instead.

Although we can’t be everywhere at once, here are some of the kinds of comments we’re going to do our best to curtail:

  • Impersonating authors or other commenters. We can’t believe we have to say this, but: Don’t do that. It’s weird.

  • Comments that make it clear you didn’t read the article. Enraged that we didn’t mention X in a story about Y? Slow down, Speedy McFingerson. If you’d made it past paragraph two, you’d see a very well thought-out discussion of that X you hold so dear.

  • Comments that are completely out of the left field. Sometimes discussions veer off a bit but are still related to the original subject. That is fine. Hijacking the conversation to promote off-topic commentary is not.

  • Threats — no matter how vague — against the author or other commenters. Things can get heated. Before you casually mention your foe’s home address, think of your Mother Earth. (Bonus points if you never use the phrase “Mother Earth.”)

  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, you get the drift. Call us the PC Police, fine, but don’t say we didn’t warn you when you get tased. **And by tased, we mean banned or deleted. has not — and will not — ever own a taser, and even if we were to own a solar-charged taser, we’d be too scared to use it.

  • Trolling. If you’re a climate denier just out for a good trolling and are not contributing meaningfully to the conversation, we’ll be pushing you back under the bridge.