How it works the cashback

A cashback is when someone buys online a product or a service through our website ( and receive a reward in money from the shop selected.

You have to click on the link, choose your shop online and buy as usual.

We made agreements every day and insert weekly new partners online.

You can find already famous partners such as, eBay, Debenhams,, Groupon, Viator, Edreams, Helpforheroes, Twinings, English Heritage, famous hotels chain and many more.

We select our cashback partners manually based on their goods quality, customer services and happy customers.

No more thousands of useless shops as you can find in the other cashback site, you can save the supporters times and money.


1 Give all your cashback

No subscription, click and choose your shop, all percentage of the cashback will go into the selected project.

Easy peasy

You will find not just the cashback but also real coupons that work and discounted products. 


2 Keep cashback and give a reward

Here is how to start earning cashback:

  • Click on the link
  • Create a free account
  • Find the shop you need
  • Click the link to visit the store
  • Shop as you would normally
  • Get your cashback
  • We give cashback rewards to your selected project

You can see your cashback percentage in the partner description page or label.

You have to buy online, and you can use our vouchers, offers deals to double your savings. 

We think about the donation for you.

Do you need more money and more donations? Bring a friend, 5% of their cashback comes to you and 5% to a project of your city: example your friend has 100£ of cashback you receive a reward of 5£, the cause receive another 5£

What is the reward for your selected project:

We give them 10% of what you earn in the cashback until the project is at the end.

Example: you earn 100£ as a cashback in your profile, the project receive 10£

Then we still give 5% to the cause that you have chosen and 5% into another project in your city.


  • More we are, more power we have to ask more commissions back, discount and voucher.
  • You can earn easy money without any worries, just spread your link and see who has subscribed.
  • More local subscribers, more money we can use to help your community.