Legitimate Interests

Making Free-funding Better: 

As stated in our Policy, we use aggregated and personal data about you and your use of our Services to develop and test better fundraising tools, to drive our research and development and to better understand our users and charity partners. We also send you surveys about our Services, which are voluntary. These activities are necessary to fulfil our interest in creating better tools for enhancing the ecosystem of good by helping us create better technology, better communications and a better website.

Sending Direct Marketing to Organisations and Advertising to You by Post or on Websites: 

We use charity users’ data to send organisations marketing communications about our Services and offerings from our affiliated organisations. We also use your data to provide you marketing communications by post or on websites. As for most companies, our ability to send direct marketing is necessary for our commercial interests and may allow us to expand our base of charity partners and users.

Personalising Your Free-funding: 

We use analytics and information about your use of the Services to tailor communications we send to users and show on users’ feeds and elsewhere in the Services to show you other giving opportunities in the form of Fundraising and Crowdfunding Pages made by people you know or may know, as well as events near you, charity campaigns and causes, pages you may be interested in, and trending or popular pages. We may tailor our communications to you to send you tips on fundraising or using the Services based on actions you have taken with us. Personalising these aspects of your experience with Free-funding is necessary for our commercial interest in maximising donations and in the public’s interest in increasing contributions to the giving economy.

Making Suggestions: 

We use data about you, like your past fundraising successes, in models we have developed to suggest fundraising target values when you create a page or to suggest donation values when you donate to a page. These values are only suggestions and users can set fundraising targets and donation amounts at whatever value they like. Free-funding has a legitimate interest in maximising fundraiser’s potential to raise funds for the causes they care about most.

Sharing Fundraiser Data: 

When you create a fundraising page, we may share your data (like your name, page name and amounts raised) with the charity you’re fundraising for. Free-funding has a legitimate interest in sharing this data because it is essential for charities to have insight into fundraising efforts for their organisations.

Sharing Data with Partners: 

When you create a fundraising page for, donate to, register for, enter or otherwise participate in a sponsored event, campaign, fundraising initiative, promotion or sweepstake, we may share data about such fundraising pages, donation activity or registration with sponsoring third party partners. Free-funding and such partners have a legitimate interest in sharing/receiving this data so that our partners can help to facilitate your participation in an event, campaign, fundraising initiative or promotion.

Sending You Certain Emails: 

We send all users notifications of important issues with the Services, like outages or security concerns. Free-funding has a legitimate commercial interest in sending these emails to keep you informed about issues with the Services that may affect your experience. We also send Fundraising or Crowdfunding Page creators emails related to the pages you create, like notification of your fundraising progress, when you receive donations, when you receive fundraising or crowdfunding badges, countdown to your event, when you reach your fundraising target and tips for fundraising for your event. These emails are necessary for our interest in maximising your ability to raise funds, keeping you informed about the pages you create and giving you the best fundraising experience possible. We also send donors emails related to the pages you donate to, like notification of updates made to those pages and when your donee's event is about to occur. These emails are necessary for our interest in keeping you informed about the pages you donate to and giving you the best donation experience possible.

For each of the foregoing purposes, we have conducted a legitimate interest assessment to ensure that such processing isn’t overridden by your rights or interests. We employ safeguards, such a formal data governance programme and robust security measures, to protect your privacy.